Education and Training

Australian University Sport (AUS) is pleased to offer a number of education programs as a part of its member services.

AUS is commited to ongoing continual improvement and in providing education opportunities for university sport staff as well as the students who attend website AUS events and programs. 

Be The Influence (BTI)

Australian University Sport is proud to provide the Be The Influence (BTI) program to its members. The program was created in 2012 and has since seen over 1000 student leaders complete the face to face workshop. The program aims to equip student leaders with the tools and knowledge to be an influence amongst their peers.

Key focuses of the face to face workshop include:

  • Knowing and understanding personal brand
  • Leadership and communication skills
  • Highlight positive role models
  • Social media and employability

The BTI program is also available online and is free for AUS university members. The online program offers six modules:

  • Personal brand
  • Governance
  • Managing teams on tour
  • Influencing peers
  • Communication
  • Risk mitigation and crisis management

As the BTI program moves forward, it is AUS' aim to deliver this program to all participants at AUS events as well as to other students throughout Australia who participate in club and social sport on campus. 

The BTI program is exclusively available to AUS university members. To arrange a face to face workshop on your campus or to access the free online modules, contact AUS' General Manager Education Training & Risk; Donna Spethman.

Anti Doping

Australian University Sport (AUS) is proud to work in partnership with the Australian Sport Anti Doping Authority (ASADA), the International University Sports Federation (FISU) and the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA) to ensure all AUS members and student athletes at AUS events and in high peformance pathways, have access to consistently high quality anti doping education. 

Anti Doping FACT SHEET


ASADA certification

As a requirement of participation at AUS events, participants and team managers will be required to complete the ASADA Anti Doping Level 1 and Level 2 online certification. Level 1 certification will be compulsory for all participants and team officials. Team officials and participants in Division 1 competitions will be required to also complete the Level 2 certification. To access the ASADA online certification visit the ASADA Education portal.

FISU-WADA partnership project

Engaging university students is the perfect way to promote drug-free sport values to future sport leaders and professionals. The FISU-WADA partnership project, which strives to create a drug-free environment to protect athletes and youth, is part of the Legacy Program for the 2015 Universiade, which took place in Gwangju, Republic of Korea, on 3-14 July 2015.

The program objectives include:

  • Develop an integrated e-textbook and teaching material to raise the social awareness of the fight against doping in sport among first year university students
  • Educate future practitioners, athletes, coaches and all leaders of sport, on the dangers of doping in sport and their role in fighting doping in sport
  • Support universities in integrating anti-doping in different areas of study, by identifying topics to be covered and providing support material for addressing in the classroom

The Anti-Doping Textbook and teaching material have been designed to be a comprehensive overview of doping in sport and issues related to this. Their target audience is those university students who will one day be involved in sport in many different capacities and disciplines. This could range from working with elite athletes to being involved at grass roots level or in as diverse profession as sports law to sports medicine.

The textbook is available in English, French, Korean, Russian and Spanish. It is accessible free of charge, along with the support material for instructors, through the FISU-WADA Anti-Doping Learning Hub. A project information brochure is also available. 

Incident Management

In 2017, Australian University Sport (AUS) partnered with Risk Logic to deliver vital and important education and training to AUS members in the area of incident management. Using key tools and resources, members experienced a scenario situation where they were able to put the theory learnt, into practice. AUS members were also provided with comprehensive tools for their use when organising their teams to attend AUS (or other) events:

  • Critical incident management checklists
  • Incident management guides
  • Local incident management team structures
  • Escalation checklists
  • Local incident response plans

This education service was provided free to all AUS members and incident management education for AUS members will be ongoing. If you are interested in learning more about this incident management education program for your campus, contact AUS General Manager Education Training & Risk; Donna Spethman.



Respect. Now. Always.

In February 2016, Universities Australia (UA) launched a groundbreaking initiative to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment across the sector. Respect. Now. Always. highlights the determination of Australian universities to ensure our universities are places of safety and respect.

It builds on work done by individual universities in Australia over many years to develop policies, reporting procedures and support services. It is also clear that this program aligns closely with the future direction and objectives outlined in The Case for Change paper developed by Australian University Sport (AUS). AUS will be supporting and promoting the Respect. Now. Always. campaign in collaboration with UA.

The Respect. Now. Always. campaign aims to:

  • raise awareness of sexual assault and sexual harassment and lift the visibility of support services for students;
  • obtain data to guide further improvement in university policies and services; and
  • assist universities in sharing global best practice resources across the sector.

A 10-point action plan, released on 1 August, also includes a series of further sector-wide prevention, awareness and support initiatives Australian universities can draw on to complement the many local initiatives they have underway to prevent and address sexual assault and sexual harassment in student communities.

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