The International Federation of University Sport (FISU) is the world governing body for university sport. There are five continental associations; Australian University Sport (AUS) falls within the Oceania Federation.

The Opportunity

The Russian International Olympic University in Sochi Russia, is offering a scholarship opportunity for the year 2017-2018. FISU has been invited to present one candidate for obtaining the title of ‘Masters of Sport Administration’.

As a member of FISU, AUS is invited to submit a candidate from Australia to be considered for this scholarship opportunity.

Additional documents

Minimum requirements for candidates

  • Have a higher education degree or diploma
  • High level English language ability
  • Achievements in sport and education
  • Candidates must be a staff member or student at an AUS member institution

Other information

  • Candidates should familiarise themselves with the Master of Sport Administration website
  • Candidates must supply the required list of documents as outlined on the apply page of the Masters of Sport Administration website with their application to AUS
  • The scholarship covers the following:
    • Tuition fee
    • Accommodation (3* apartment hotel next to the university) for the whole program period (10 months)
    • Nominal monthly allowance
  • The applicant will be responsible for the following costs associated with the scholarship
    • Travel expenses to/from Sochi
    • Medical insurances for the period
    • Living expenses such as money for meals, on ground transport, spending etc

Funding available

AUS will contribute $3,000 AUD to the candidate (to be used for travel) should they be the successful scholarship candidate chosen by FISU

How to apply

Interested applicants should review and familiarise themselves with the relevant documents and websites listed above. If you wish to submit an application and you feel you meet all the requirements outlined, contact Donna Spethman to receive the application form which is required to be completed in word document format

In addition to the application form and application requirements, applicants are required to submit a written application to AUS of no more than 500 words outlining why you wish to be considered for this opportunity. Applications must include the following information:

  • How the opportunity will benefit your current role and programs at your university
  • Specific objectives you are looking to achieve from the opportunity
  • Other information that you feel will support your application

In addition to the written application, the following supporting documentation must be provided at the time of application

  • A letter of support from your university (preferably from Deputy Chancellor level)
  • A letter of support from your department manager outlining they will assist with accommodation and per diem expenses, that they approve of your time away from your role, and that they support your professional development

For further information and to submit applications email AUS General Manager – Education Training & Risk; Donna Spethman

Application deadlines

The following deadlines are to be strictly observed

  • Applications open: Monday 6 March
  • Applications close: Friday 31 March

How applicants are assessed

AUS will assess all applications and submit one candidate to FISU for consideration. The successful AUS applicant will be determined by an AUS Board appointed selection panel consisting of:

  1. AUS Board member
  2. AUS CEO
  3. AUS General Manager
  4. An independent member

Terms and conditions

  • AUS will put forward one candidate to be considered for the scholarship program. If more than one candidate applies, a selection process will occur and the successful candidate notified. Once the selection process has been undertaken, the successful applicant will be submitted to FISU
  • Applicants must apply via AUS, those not following this process will not be accepted
  • FISU will receive candidates from all its member associations, they will assess all applicants and select one person to receive the scholarship
  • To receive the AUS funding for travel, travel must be booked via AUS head office should the candidate be successfully chosen by FISU
  • Successful applicants are required to provide a written report back to AUS upon completion of the opportunity, outlining details of the experience – including recommendations, within two weeks of return
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