Career Pathway Program

In achieving its 2020 strategic goals, Australian University Sport (AUS) aims to provide authentic and valuable professional development opportunities to its members and students via the Career Pathway Program.

The AUS Career Pathway Program is designed to:

  • offer internship opportunities for students looking to gain industry experience
  • offer professional development opportunities to staff at AUS member institutions
  • offer opportunities for AUS international partners to engage with AUS members 
  • offer volunteering opportunities at AUS events
  • promote vacancies in the university sport sector

For any enquiries relating to the Career Pathway Program contact AUS General Manager - Education Training & Risk: Donna Spethman

Vacancies in University sport sector

AUS is proud to support vacancies in the university sport sector. If you wish to list your vacancy, and it is a position within the sport department of your university campus, contact Donna Spethman

Vacancies at Australian University Sport

There are currently no staff vacancies at Australian University Sport. 

Member professional development opportunities

Australian University Sport is pleased to offer the below professional development opportunities as a part of its Career Pathway Program

FISU Global Sports Innovation Competition

FISU Global Sports Innovation Competition

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FISU Conference - 2017 Universiade

FISU Conference - 2017 Universiade

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AUS Travel Grant

AUS Travel Grant

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Internship Program - Head Office

As a part of its Career Pathway Program, Australian University Sport (AUS) offers internship opportunities for undergraduate students at its head office in Brisbane and via its secondary office on the Gold Coast. Internship positions at AUS are both highly sought after and highly beneficial to undergraduate students seeking real life on the job training and development. We have numerous examples of people that have volunteered as an intern for AUS and have gone on to secure employment off the strength of their experience and references from AUS.

Internships are offered throughout the year in the areas of Media and Marketing, High Performance and Sport Programs. Internships are usually one day a week over a set period of time. Working from either the Brisbane or Gold Coast office, interns can expect to work on key projects across AUS business areas.

Currently there are no intern opportunities available. 

Internship Program - Unigames

As a part of its Career Pathway Program, Australian University Sport (AUS) offers internship opportunities for undergraduate students to work in key roles to deliver AUS events. AUS events for 2017 include:

  • Northern University Games in Rockhampton QLD
  • Eastern University Games in Newcastle NSW
  • Southern University Games in Geelong VIC
  • Western University Games in Bunbury WA
  • Australian University Games on the Gold Coast QLD

Event interns work specifically on their chosen AUS event. These roles are usually based in the host city where the event is held. Each event requires between five and 15 event interns working across areas such as sport, registration, accreditation, special events, sponsorship, marketing and operations.

Event intern roles are usually one day a week in the lead up to the event and full time across the event delivery period. Interns can expect to contribute to the planning and delivery of the event and be a key member of the event team. These roles are a great way to achieve industry hours required for a degree and also gain real world industry experience.

Event intern roles are advertised on the specific event website. Select your preferred event from the list below for opportuities available for that event.


Mainfreight Unigames Volunteer program

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The Mainfreight Unigames Volunteer Program, is made up of more than 500 volunteers Australia wide who are the backbone of AUS events including the Australian University Games as well as the Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western University Games.

If you started the year off thinking to yourself... "My resume is empty! I need valuable experience in sport!" ... Then look no further than Unigames!

There are a wide range Games time volunteer positions available across our 2017 unigames events in a range of roles including results, sport medicine, administration, special events, sport venues, journalism, photography and operations. 

Our ideal volunteer will be the kind of person who: 

  • wants to develop new skills, make industry contacts and receive on the job training and mentoring
  • wants to be involved in the lead up to and during a Unigames event
  • loves sport
  • is proactive, takes initiative and gets the job done
  • wants to meet new people

All of our Mainfreight Unigames time volutneers will reveive comprehensive induction and training, free meals during their shift, certificate and references (if requested) and a haute couture uniform that's yours to keep. Okay maybe the uniform isn't haute couture...

If you thought "Yeah that's me!" about any of the above statements, then apply to join the Mainfreight Unigames Volunteer Program via the relevant Unigames events below.

  • ASC
  • AIS
  • beyodblue
  • Bulk Nutrients
  • JanSport
  • Kukri
  • Mainfreight
  • Stay Oz
  • Singapore Airlines
  • Riot Games
  • UniBank